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The Razor Side Mount Light L2000 - Light up the darkness

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Driven by innovation


A box full of awesomeness

The new Razor Side Mount Light L2000 is the result of one year hard testing and redefining the way we use our primary light in cave diving. Like on the Razor Side Mount System we worked hard on details to make this primary light the most powerful, practical and innovative light on the market.

So check out the features and download the manual for detailed info about the new innovations.

The Razor L2000 light head

For the new Razor light we wanted to have the most efficient mix between LED, Reflector and efficiency. Therefore we built a specific metal reflector to get the best light output from the LED.

The Razor L2000 has 4 dim settings:

Depending on the power setting the light has an output from 2'000 lumen to 500 lumen. This results on a total burn time of 6h 10 min up to 24h.


Burn times



Manual dimming

You can manually switch through the dim-settings from 2000 lumen to 500 lumen to increase the burn time or to have a more powerful lightbeam.



Automatic dimming

When the battery reaches a low voltage preset setting then it switches automatically to the next lower dim-setting.



Soft-start function

Increases the battery and the LED life.



Temperature protection

When the light head reaches a preset high temperature during operation then the light is dimming to the next lower setting to reduce temperature buildup.



The Razor Light Holder

The new patent pending Razor Light holder brings a new dimension on your helmet -

a streamlined one

You can easily attach the light head to it and lock it in place with a 90° turn.



The Razor Light Holder

You can fine adjust the angle of the light head on your helmet. This is very helpful in a lot of situations:
- Laying the primary reel
- Pointing the light down as not to blind your buddy.
- Adjust the light head in narrow passages depending on your head position.
- Pointing the light head 180° to the back to face your buddy not blinding him/her while doing something.



The Razor Canister Closing System

The new patent pending Razor canister closing system is tool free and with a simple turn on one of the rings you can detach your light from the harness for charging.


External Charging

To charge the Razor Side Mount Light L2000 you don't have to open up your canister or your light head. The light can be charged externaly on the bottom of the canister.

This means less failure points and quick charging the light after the dive.


Ready to travel the World

The Razor Side Mount Light L2000 comes with a fly safe cover that you can plug on the canister to prevent that light switches on accidentaly while flying. In addition the Razor charger comes with all international plugs.

Type A

Mainly used in the USA,
Canada, Mexico & Japan

Type C

Commonly used in Europe,
South America & Asia

Type G

Mainly used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta,
Malaysia & Singapore

Type I

Mainly used in Australia,
New Zealand, China & Argentina





The Razor Side Mount light L2000 comes packed in a handy toolbox, that you can either use to store your light or as a toolbox for all needed spare parts when diving.


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